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War and Religion: Don´t Tell Me ´The Bible Made Me Do It´

By Philip Giraldi
Global Research, April 23, 2015

Traditional conservative friends of mine now rarely refer to Republicans without using the preceding descriptor “batshit ignorant.” They are onto something. Former representative Michelle Bachmann, who was quite recently a viable GOP candidate for President of the United States, appeared on radio last week to discuss President Barack Obama´s policies. She said that his nuclear deal with Iran and his “declaring war” on Israel would bring about Armageddon and the so-called “End Time.” Bachmann, who claims to be something of an Islamic scholar, observed that the “Koran and Hadith…the works of Islamic jurisprudence, they say one complete consistent truth and that´s that they want to have a nuclear weapon.”

The Vatican Clergy and Ukrainian Nationalism

By Andrew Korybko, Global Research, April 24, 2015

The Catholic pontiff does more than just spread the Vatican’s word across the world, as he also spreads the ‘gospel’ of Ukrainian nationalism and victimhood, too. Francis made headlines when he said the mass killing of ethnic Armenians in the last days of the Ottoman Empire was “the first genocide of the 20thcentury”. Largely lost amidst the ruckus is his previous statement that “the remaining two (genocides) were perpetrated by Nazism and Stalinism”, which was a strong allusion to Ukrainian nationalists’ decades-long campaign to have the Golodomor recognized as genocide, to which the Vatican, and especially Francis himself, are ardent proponents. President Putin remarked in his annual Q&A session that “Attempts to put [Nazism and Stalinism] in the same basket are absolutely baseless… As ugly as the Stalin regime was, with all its repressions and ethnic deportations, it never attempted to eradicate [an ethnic group] completely”, and although his words were likely in response to recent Ukrainian legislation that ludicrously equates the two, his comments are just as relevant to the Pope as they are to Poroshenko.

Lawsuit against George W Bush et Al for "Crime of Agression"

By Inder Comar
Global Research, April 25, 2015

On April 18, 2015, Inder Comar, Esq. was invited to speak at the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War’s International Forum on Peace and Justice. He presented on the Saleh v. Bush case and its implications for international justice alongside diplomats, politicians, and war experts including Hans von Sponeck, the former UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The hidden cost of beef eating

Radha Rajan
21st April, 2015

The recently introduced beef ban law in Maharashtra and Rajasthan is a long-awaited move to respect and uphold Hindu religious sentiments but it is also exemplary environmental sense. Hindi film actors who took to social media to mock Maharashtra’s beef ban wanted to be seen to be more loyal to cultural aberrations of the Bollywood Khanate than to Hindu religious and cultural sensibilities; in the process Bollywood exhibited inexcusable ignorance of the high and hidden costs of beef eating. Rishi Kapoor, son of the illustrious Raj Kapoor, born into a Hindu family and who confessed publicly to being a beef eater, is emblematic of the country’s de-culturised and increasingly Christianised and Islamised tinsel world. While Bollywood’s jarring reaction to beef ban is an unavoidable compulsion, consequent to Muslim underworld footprint in Hindi film production (want my money, love my beef), what is Girish Karnad’s excuse?

Who is a Hindu?

by Dr Krishen Kak

The origin of the human race (as distinct from our evolution as the human species) is an engaging metaphysical mystery for many of us, but not for abrahamists whose dogma unravels it authoritatively for them.

Ford Foundation Work under Modi Sarkar Lens

April 18, 2015

Use of grants given by US trust faces scrutiny; Greenpeace-type action likely

The Ford Foundation, no stranger to controversy for supporting liberal causes around the world, may find itself at the receiving end of some tough questions in India. The government is looking askance at some of its activities, which include giving money to organisations that are perceived to be working against the public interest, according to officials.

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