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Ratzinger of Hamelin PDF Print E-mail

The incumbent Pope who ferociously upholds his Church’s divine mandate to plant the cross in India takes after his infamous countryman immortalized by the Brothers Grimm. This character is believed to have brought first disease and then death disguised as music in his wake, into every village wherein he set foot. Victims of the violent and aggressively proselytizing Church have known that historically the Cross has always been synonymous with disease and death; the Catholic Church is known to have introduced small-pox, malaria and various strains of the influenza virus into societies that it wished initially to pacify and eventually to convert and conquer or exterminate. All through the twentieth century and continuing into the twenty-first century the cross has modernized its arsenal and is now accompanied by drugs, gun-running, prostitution and pedophilia hidden inside the “Jesus died for you” Trojan horse. Not surprisingly, a recent UN report on drug abuse has found pervasive “substance dependence” (read drug abuse) among the people of India’s Christian-majority North-East.

Sandeep Pandey’s Naxal connections – Raju Rajagopal ko gussa kyon aata hai? PDF Print E-mail

Within days of the Vigil Plainspeak on Sandeep Pandey’s Naxal connections, a friend from the US sent me this mail confirming my theory that Sandeep Pandey and his partners and supporters are desperately seeking to keep Pandey’s false beard from falling off. “They had a good thing going” as another one of Vigilonline’s readers wrote with amusement and the Vigil Plainspeak has only made these supporters of Sandeep’s false beards that much more nervous.


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