“The Wild Bunch—They’re only a hundred. But they ride—as if they were a T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D!”
Narayanan Menon Komerath

Mr Prem Panicker once wondered on at General ‘Pinocchio’ Pervez’s energy in, well, whatever Pinocchio used to do. Unfair. He ignored the General’s tireless camp followers. I dedicate this essay to those followers who toil, unlike the Atta crew, with no expectation of the rewards of Houristan. Or perhaps in anticipation of something more tangible? First, let’s take a brief look at one of their events, then at their broader effort.

They met in the June warmth of Santa Clara – ‘over 500’ attendees according to the hyped press release, 46 according to those who counted, at the Marriott (room rate then $180 + tax per night). The Forum of Indian Leftists (FOIL), the Friends of South Asia (FOSA), ‘senior writers’ of the Indian English-language media, the secessionists and soul-harvesters represented by ‘Khalistan’ and FIACONA, and several political ‘charities’, all hosted by the Indian Muslim Council (IMC).

* This essay in its original form appeared in which see for detailed references and supporting notes. The title quote is from the Terence Hill movie: ‘My Name is Nobody’.

1. The First Annual Convention of the IMC
They whipped themselves into a lather repeating the only ‘news’ in the past five or so years they consider worth reporting about our nation of a billion humans: their long-since disproved incendiary tales of random murder and assault, and their version of the Gujarat riots of 2002 following the Godhra atrocity – the riots which dozens of Indian policemen died trying to stop.

Their mutual applause for bashing India rose to a crescendo for the Khalistani speaker. This worthy presented his dream of balkanizing India into little sectarian islands of xenophobia, amenable to being divided between the Caliphate of South Asia and the Empires of the Pure and the Harvested Souls. As Messiahs of Secularism, they gathered to sneer at democracy. And they celebrated the damage they hoped they had done to India with a pompous news release – wisely omitting all reference to the Khalistani diatribe.

2. The Khalistan Connection
Remember Khalistan? The relatives of over 21,000 of their victims surely do. Including the 329 on Air India’s Flight AI182 on June 23, 1985, murdered over the Irish Sea. The US Congressional Record remembers:

The role played by Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence Agency in exporting terror to Kashmir and Punjab in neighbouring India was sufficiently well-documented for the previous administration to place the country on the watch list of states sponsoring terrorism.

And so does the US State Department List of Terrorist Groups:

Sikh terrorism is sponsored by expatriate and Indian Sikh groups who want to carve out an independent Sikh state called Khalistan (Land of the Pure) from Indian territory. Active groups include Babbar Khalsa, International Sikh Youth Federation, Dal Khalsa, Bhinderanwala Tiger Force, and the Shaheed Khalsa Force...Attacks in India are mounted against Indian officials and facilities, other Sikhs, and Hindus; they include assassinations, bombings, and kidnappings. External Aid: Militant cells are active internationally, and extremists gather funds from overseas Sikh communities… international organisations that lobby for the Sikh cause overseas. Most prominent are the World Sikh Organisation and the International Sikh Youth Federation.

They can now add: “IMC, FOIL, FOSA, ASHA, Sabrang, ActionAid and AID” to that list.

FOIL, FOSA and Sabrang need no introduction – not after their loud attempt to destroy an Indian-American charity and replace it with their own, 52-percent overhead rip-offs. The whole gang rushed, like rats after the Pied Piper, to ‘endorse’ with highsounding titles, an infantile ‘91-page Report’, as a comprehensive product of five years of meticulous research. Exposed as frauds and laughed off by public opinion, they have now turned to more lucrative pursuits – general India-bashing. Good Wahabi $$ to be had there, no doubt, with all those pilot-training funds going waste…

3. Factual Accuracy – IMC style
The IMC itself has earned its notoriety the old-fashioned way. From their ‘newsletter’ comes this sample of their integrity - a ‘condemnation’ of the Godhra atrocity of February 2002:

The attack on the train by Muslims to rescue a woman abducted by the armed fascists in the train led to the fiery death of 58 people (the names of victims were never released by the Government.). All the Muslim groups of India unconditionally condemned the response of the Muslim rescuers. Nevertheless, the fascists used the attack on the train to launch their longplanned pogrom. The rapid spread of fire inside the two steel cars has raised suspicion that the gasoline carried by the militants in the train caught fire.

And just in case that was not incendiary enough, here is their exhortation to Arabs to hurt Indians, from the same full-color poster:

How Arab Muslims can help Indian Muslims! … More than 12 per cent of the Indian Diplomatic Corps is Muslim compared to less than 1 per cent of other civil services where they are heavily discriminated against. Occasionally, India appoints a Muslim President, who serves as figurehead only with no real power. Indian propaganda is so strong in the Arab world that when a recent New York Times article criticized Arabs for not speaking out for Indian Muslims while condemning the killing of Palestinians, some in the Arab media actually defended the silence of the Arab world. Action suggested: If you are an Arab and would like to help us convey the story of Indian Muslims, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Gee! I wish the IMC had told me that Nawab Mansur Ali Khan of Pataudi, captain of the Indian cricket team, was a ‘token’— before I blew my life-savings of Rs 14 on that dream Genuine Kashmir Willow cricket bat bearing his ‘signature’. Or that Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India, who achieved the aerospace engineer’s dream – to be admired far more than he was ever feared, by those privileged to have worked with and for him— is just a ‘token’.

4. Bones for Faithful Friends
The Desi-Angrezi Media and the Political Charities were present in force. A veritable galaxy of stars—Red Giants and Brown Dwarfs1, judging by the concentrations of hot air. Ms Arundhati Roy of AID, Dr Sandeep Pandey of ASHA, Prof. Praful Bidwai. A repeat of their meeting at the Communist Party of India (Marxist- Leninist) event to ‘honour’ fallen Naxalite terrorists in December 2002. Remember the Naxalites, who relieved Bengali, Malayali and Telugu farmers of their heads and left them on their doorsteps as their version of ‘class war’ in the 1970s? The latest mutation of Naxalite terror is the ‘People’s War Group’, which has announced ‘death sentences’ on the chief ministers of three Indian States, with a public website declaring these, along with their full support of the communist terrorists in the Philippines. Prof. Bidwai, true to his Red Giant status, decried the democratic election in Gujarat, declaring how the opinions of his editors and himself were clearly superior to those of the stupid voters of India. The media campaign was planned with the usual ‘meticulous preparation’. Loyal media persons were honoured, just like those fallen Naxalite comrades, for hatchet-services rendered. Others were encouraged to emulate them, and did so with suitably truth-immune pieces. They gushed praise about the attendees, who can hardly be accused of doing a day’s honest work amongst the lot of them, while haughtily dismissing a Bay area trauma surgeon, who saves more lives in an average day than most of us will do in a lifetime, as a ‘member of Hindu right-wing groups’ – because he gave his honest opinion.

5. A Nasty Surprise for the American Lashkar
But just as this august gathering was getting underway, US federal prosecutors announced, with a heartless lack of timing, the grand jury indictment of certain worthies on the East Coast. As members of the Lashkar-e-Toiba. ‘Army of The Pure’. Sounds familiar? Like ‘Khalistan’ and ‘Pakistan’ are both ‘Lands of The Pure’? Headquarters: Muridke, near Lahore. Bank account for donations (advertised on a US website for years): Habib Bank, Lahore. Recent website owner address: inside a Pakistan Army compound in Karachi. Example of the charges: ‘Masoud Khan, a Maryland man who was indicted, had a document titled “The Terrorist’s Handbook”, with instructions on how to manufacture and use explosives and chemicals as weapons, as well as a photograph of F.B.I. headquarters in Washington.’

We don’t have to use any imagination at all to see what those indictments say. There is a website where you can read it all in words simple and pure: ‘It was further part of the conspiracy that the defendants and their conspirators gathered in private homes and in the Dar al Arqam Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia, to hear lectures on the righteousness of violent jihad in Kashmir, Chechnya, and other places around the world, and to watch videotapes of Mujaheddin engaged in jihad in such locations.’

Let us take a moment to remind ourselves about the Lashkare- Toiba. They are as much against America as against India. Sicko killers and sex-offenders, who kill babies for fun, and play soccer with the severed heads of Indian schoolgirls – Indian Muslim schoolgirls. They machinegun laborers and pilgrims and babies in their mothers’ arms, and they set fire to a tortured Indian Muslim woman, then extinguished the flames so that she would take the longest time dying in pain. They bragged about massacring the entire male population of the Sikh village of Chittisinghpura – incidentally, deflating that other Star of the Indian Media, Pankaj Mishra, who had already earned his pieces of silver for slandering the Indian police and army units in the area as murderers – with nary a piece of evidence, of course. Akhila Raman of the ‘Friends of South Asia’ (more on this later) staked her claim for the Pankaj Mishra Booby Prize for 2003, hyperventilating in the Lahore Daily Times with similarly baseless slander against ‘Indian Renegades’ (translation: those who are not on the side of those Muridke gents) for massacring Hindus at Nadimarg – only to be deflated by the dying declaration of the L-e-T terrorist who headed the massacre gang.

Praveen Swamy gave some chilling statistics in 2000: For every three Pakistani terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir, one Indian soldier or policeman also dies. Plus two Indian civilians. ‘Indigenous insurgency’, if any ever occurred in Jammu and Kashmir, died decades ago when the Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front sought refuge in India against Pakistani perfidy. The Pakistani practice of ‘conscripting’ (kidnapping) Kashmiri boys into PoK and sending them at L-e-T gunpoint into India drove part of the Hizb-ul-Mujaheddin to also quit in the late 90s - but the L-e- T just kept on killing. The point is that most of the victims of the Le- T are Indian Muslims—with Sikhs and Hindus added for good ‘secular’ measure. In 1989, ‘indigenous Kashmiris’ might have bought the Pakistani con as they posted notes taunting their Hindu neighbours to ‘run away for your lives, but leave your young daughters behind’, but those days are long over – the primary victims of Pakistani terrorism have been Indian Muslims. Tens of thousands.

6. The IMC and the Lashkar
To put it mildly, this is serious. I don’t think people who fund and train the L-e-T or Khalistan terrorists should be tolerated in society. They have the blood of tens of thousands of my compatriots on their hands. I tried to see how the IMC was connected to the L-e-T. And let me write here, clearly, that I do not find any direct connection between the IMC and those who trained or funded the L-e-T. I find no evidence, you see. Should this be surprising – why would the Indian Muslim Council in the US, composed of literate, educated people, be stupid enough to fund and train the #1 killer of Indian Muslims?

But it is surprising, given the abysmal record of the IMC. Havildar Abdul Hamid was my childhood hero of the 1965 war, awarded the Param Vir Chakra (posthumous) – India’s highest award for heroism in battle – destroying at least two (I prefer to believe the seven reported then) of Pakistan’s Patton tanks in the battle of Khemkaran. That battle turned Ayub Khan’s ‘Dilli Chalo’ Surprise Strike Corps into portoilets for Indian city parks.

Havildar Abdul Hamid sacrificed his life to defend the right of the Chief Spokesman of the IMC, among others, to get a worldclass engineering education, subsidised by the impoverished Indian taxpayer at a time when my parents and grandparents often went hungry. He was one of a privileged 1000 out of maybe a hundred thousand qualified applicants to the IITs. An opportunity which he, according to an admirer, dismisses with ‘even before he started college, (he) said he instinctively knew he had to leave India’ just as his organisation dismisses India’s record of electing Presidents based on individual merit, and just as he cited his admiration for the Taliban and for Pakistani dictator Musharraf over our elected Prime Minister Vajpayee.

As for the report of the L-e-T recruiting Indian expatriates in the Middle East – others can decide if it is connected to IMC’s blatant solicitation of Arab help to attack India. Other links give no reason to be sanguine. This IMC leadership invited a Khalistani speaker to their First Annual Convention. A clear, blatant link to a declared foreign terrorist organisation that has murdered at least 44 American citizens, including the babies on AI 182.

The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been tied to terror, with several national-level officials of CAIR arrested, deported or stopped at ports of entry, based on alleged terrorist ties. One is a Saudi alleged to be a paymaster for the 9/11 terrorists. The CIIE which runs the Dar-al-Arqam center, located not far from the IMC’s Maryland leaders, has of course denied that any terrorist training or indoctrination occurred, but certain ‘distinguished lecturers on Islamic philosophy’ have since had mysterious fallingsout with the CIIE. The SIMI, banned as a terrorist group in India, has been linked to bombings in Mumbai – and to the L-e-T. We find at least one self-proclaimed SIMI founder, Dr Mohammad Ahmadullah Siddiqi,2 sponsored by senior IMC leadership—and maybe some among that ‘South Asian Faculty’ group which ‘endorses’ FOIL’s lies.

When this was first written, 11 of the arrested worthies in Virginia and Maryland had already pleaded guilty to training with automatic weapons and explosives in Pakistan with the Lashkar-e- Toiba. To kill you and me and our loved ones and our friends. See Prem Panicker’s article for more details of who was behind them.3

Wait! Isn’t that proof that FOIL and IMC are tied to the Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists? By the IMC’s own standards of honesty and logic, and by those of the FOIL’s ‘faculty’, we could say, “sure!” But hey, adults are supposed to have better standards.

7. Blame-shifting: IMC Style
The IMC made some token attempts to re-enter civilised society. Following the Dar-al-Arqam arrests and the conviction of a ‘charitable’ Islamic AK-47 supplier, they published an ‘apology’ for declaring on a web page (for over a year) that all Hindu temples should be closed down as terrorist-training and fundraising sites. Sort-of like their ‘condemnation’ of the Godhra atrocity, but with a Musharraf-type gesture of ‘400%’ credibility. They also posted a webpage soliciting donations to help the Indian student who was hospitalised after a hate attack.

And Mr Kaleem Kawaja of the IMC does his trademark superficial soul-searching in ‘India Abroad’, blaming the community he represents for their perceived image problems: ‘The Indian Muslim intelligentsia…should be more vocal in condemning the terrible happenings, in confronting and isolating the few extremists in their community’. Toba! Toba! Brave words indeed! Perhaps someone should kindly provide a mirror to help him search for the real problem—the abysmal standards of IMC leadership. Apparently someone did, figuratively speaking.4

8. Ethics – U.Chicago Style
FOIL’s latest clue-challenged recruit takes pains to inform us that an article full of gratuitous hardcore pornography was written by herself as a ‘professor’ of ethics at the University of Chicago (not to be confused with the more reputable University of Illinois). This worthy comes out with this new twist on the IMC version of the Godhra terrorist attack: ‘At least one Muslim vendor was beaten up when he refused to say “Jai Sri Ram” [“Hail Ram”], and a young Muslim girl narrowly escaped forcible abduction. As the train left the station, stones were thrown at it, apparently by Muslims. Fifteen minutes later, one car of the train erupted in flames.’

Pankaj Mishra contributed his own investigative deduction to this. According to him, ‘forensic investigations by a Mumbai lab have concluded that the fire started from inside the train’ – and that’s an amazing discovery! In other words, if someone locks you inside a steel cage and throws stones to break the glass windows, pours petrol inside and tosses in the odd burning rag, it’s really your fault for ‘starting the fire inside’ and burning yourself to death.

So, the IMC/FOIL/University of Chicago contention is that in the 3 minutes that the Sabarmati Express halts at Godhra station at 7 am on a winter morning – the innocent, chivalrous terrorists there, in righteous indignation at the passenger-fascists beating up a tea-vendor for bravely refusing to say ‘Hail Ram!’ (yeah! at 7 am!), threw stones at the train—purely to save an imaginary damsel in distress from the clutches (or near-clutches, per above University Chicago Ethics Professor) of the sleeping women and children fascists on the sleeper coach, got the fascist train stopped a mile from the station by pulling on the fascist chain three times— where they had already assembled 1,500 buddies armed with filled petrol cans and petrol-soaked rags and matches.

And, 15 minutes later, on that peaceful winter morning, boom! Spontaneous combustion! The fascist women and children just burned themselves to death when the hot non-Ram-blessed tea spilled on the gasoline they had been carrying back from their pilgrimage, even as the chivalrous terrorists looked on and bravely ensured that the fire did not spread, by keeping the burning fascist women and fascist babies locked safely inside the fascist steel carriage. Wow! It does take a Star of the Indian Media, or a University of Chicago Ethics Professor or an IMC leader to come up with these doozies, doesn’t it?

FOIL should consider recruiting some of these Godhra terrorists, who could manage all that inside of 3 minutes. At least they are a lot smarter than FOIL’s faculty—and hey, there’s not much to choose about ethics, honesty or level of civilisation amongst any of them.

9. What the Well-Dressed Terrorist Wears
The twisted version of the Godhra atrocity parroted by FOIL, the Chicago Ethics Expert and Pankaj Mishra, is another clear pointer to FOIL and IMC reading off the same script composed in unmistakable style. Vintage Rashid Quereshi/Musharraf/Hafeez Saeed. As Prem Panicker implies, it will look you in the eye and tell you that the sun rises in the West, that Pakistan won the 1971 and Kargil wars and only provides ‘moral support’ to the Lashkare- Toiba—which of course doesn’t exist - but can be closed down ‘next day’ anytime India ‘negotiates’ with the Terrorist Slum of Pakistan.

The latest L-e-T campaign in the US is a series of ‘Kashmir Forum’ events with a slide show prepared by Ms Raman of FOSA. Raman’s name appeared as the website owner for the Sabrang/ FOIL/FOSA ‘Stop Funding’ Hate Campaign, including their illadvised attempt to con voters.5

From an attendee at the first Forum:
The audience appeared to be mixed—Kashmiri Pandits, Indians, Indian Muslims and Pakistanis. There were many Americans and some non-Indian Asians... Couple of Pandits did object to the make up of the panel and asked for some time to speak. They were given two minutes each...She (Akhila Raman) had a slide that depicted a dead body of a Kashmiri that was being pulled away by India on one side and Pakistan on the other (thus portraying that the cause of Kashmiris was being hijacked by both India and Pakistan). What was disturbing on that slide was that India was portrayed by a Hindu Sadhu while Pakistan was portrayed by a well-dressed gentleman (in pant, shirt and tie).

I do not presume to dispute Ms Raman’s knowledge of nattilydressed ISI agents, but I seem to remember reading that it was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (a ‘saffrontva’, no doubt?) who ordered Indian troops airlifted in to defend Jammu-Kashmir and kill the Pakistani sex-offenders invading it in 1948. Ms Raman’s selfdescription appears to have morphed from ‘Software Consultant’ in Dec. 2002 to the vastly more impressive ‘Researcher On the Kashmir Conflict’ (‘Hateware Consultant’?) today, indicating the funding trends, one supposes…

10. Dollars and Blessings
Here’s what Raman’s favourite newspaper, the Lahore Daily Times had to say about their ‘Kashmir—Beyond the Blame Game’ conference in Washington, DC:

The only thing international about the conference was that it was held in Washington, but its principal audience appeared to be the establishment in Pakistan, which obviously had accorded its full blessings to the event..… no word was available as to the costs of the exercise and which agency, organisation or individual had defrayed them…The patronising hand of the lone state agency which in recent years has taken almost sole responsibility for Kashmir, was much in evidence. A member of the Pakistani national legislature said that a certain outfit in Islamabad had cleared the list of those invited to speak. The list of invitees from Pakistan remained confined to those who were expected to represent the official line or the line of the day.

The attendees included Dr Ayub Thakur, London-based ‘Kashmiri activist’ about whom one might find much more in the Indian media related to terrorist funding. From the India Tribune comes this different view of continued ISI sponsorship. Summarising ISI directives to the ‘All-Party Hurriyat Conference’, a secessionist outfit in Kashmir:

Set up APHC offices abroad to give high profile to the APHC and internationalise the Kashmir issue in a more effective manner. The ISI even identified the prospective foreign offices of APHC and offered its financial and logistic support for the purpose. It suggested Ghulam Nabi Fai’s office of Kashmir American Council in the USA and Ayub Thakur’s office of his NGO Mercy International in UK as some of the foreign addresses.

Here’s what the ISI themselves have to say about the ‘Kashmir’ gang in the US. The South Asia Tribune, quoting Colonel Shuja Khanzada, self-declared ISI operative posted to the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, talking about a visit by Opposition Leader Benazir Bhutto in 1993-94: ‘Then she came to Washington, met people. She met the CIA people. Khalid Hasan (journalist) was there, Zaidi (journalist) was there. Dr Fai (Kashmiri lobbyist) was there … I told Dr Fai to step up his campaign so that they don’t get the impression that you are involved in the same issue….’ These reports indicate that Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai takes his orders directly from the Pakistani ISI. The South Asia Tribune is considered the closest thing to a free Pakistani-American media outlet.

11. The Lansing Circle
Now let’s see a curious circle of events and facts. In November 2002, Dan Pero of the Lansing, Michigan-based Sterling International Consulting announced that Musharraf’s dictatorship was giving his firm $55,000/month to ‘cleanse the news about Pakistan’. A web link on this story says: ‘The PR firm is to find Pakistani-Americans willing to speak out on behalf of Pakistan. Those “message surrogates” will be given talking points and media training by SICC.’ Well, they certainly seem to have done so. We can all see a huge increase in the wealth available to the anti-India campaign, with all the ‘Kashmir Conference’ and ‘Beyond the Blame Game’ ISI propaganda, plus all the free access to the Pakistani media for FOIL/FOSA luminaries. Ms Nirmala Deshpande then visited the US for the first time—and was painted as THE leading expert on Gandhiji—who died when she was barely eighteen. She has apparently made a couple of visits to Pakistan in the recent past. The chief sponsor of her tour is the Lansing, Michigan-based “Non-Resident Indians for a Secular and Harmonious India—(NRISAHI)”.

NRI-SAHI shares web space with the (surprise!) Akhila Raman/Shalini Gera - sponsored ‘Ektaonline’. Ms Gera is a coauthor of the infantile “91-page Report Produced from 5 years of Meticulous Research” where they tried to destroy the Indian- American charitable organisation through baseless slander. NRISAHI is also an avatar of Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment, which happens to be based in—you guessed it—East Lansing, Michigan. The Center is in the forefront of many activities/mailing lists that are circulated by Raman, Angana Chatterji of the Orwellian-named California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), and Kawaja. For example, they protested visits to the US by (elected) Indian leaders, but of course remained speechless during Gen. Musharraf’s visit to Camp David. Sterling International provides a wide array of speakers for all occasions. Among its featured speakers is Arun Gandhi, grandson of the Mahatma and a close associate of Ms Nirmala Deshpande. Mr Kaleem Kawaja of the blatantly sectarian IMC, an ardent defender of the Taliban and General Musharraf in articles and letters to the media, who wants us to believe that he is a ‘secular and harmonious Indian’ and tough critic of the Indian Muslim community, was the chief coordinator of a Deshpande tour.

Why is geographic proximity of these organisations and their funding sources relevant in the age of the Internet, Al Qaeda and the Patriot Act? I’ll leave that one to the reader. And where’s Dr. Biju Mathew, the chief spokesman of FOIL? Last heard, he was sending out a ‘sample letter’ to the President of Columbia University protesting the invitation to Prime Minister Vajpayee, initiator of the peace process with Pakistan—the man who has tried time and time again to put insaniyat over insanity in dealing with the mass murderers in Pakistan. I don’t think Mathew sent any such letter protesting the visit of dictator Musharraf. Understandable, since the Pakistan Embassy or CPI (Marxist) People’s Democracy websites probably did not have a sample letter for that.

12. The Matrix of Losers
So, to summarise the obvious: FOIL, FOSA, IMC and FIACONA have joined hands with the Pakistani junta to attack India. Having proved their ‘credentials’ with their tears for Naxalite-terrorist corpses, but perhaps smarting from their Kargillike blunder in trying to attack Indian orphans, leprosy patients and tribal kids, they appear to have graduated to the more lucrative occupation of ‘Kashmir researchers’.

Even Terence Hill’s ‘Wild Bunch’, as small in number as they were, needed a good deal of funding to make a noise—and we’re talking about distinguished ‘Kashmir researchers’ and Stars of the Indian Media, spending their high-priced hate-time here. There’s massive funding behind their efforts—it’s obvious from the budgets for the IMC Annual Convention, the ‘Kashmir-Beyond the Blame Game’ event, and the more recent road shows and seminars run by FOIL, FOSA and IMC/NRI-SAHI.

Is the Lashkar-e-Pinocchio sponsored by the Pakistani terrorist enterprise, the murderers of Daniel Pearl and tens of thousands of our fellow citizens, and probable organisers of the 9/11 terrorist atrocity? In their ‘meticulously-researched report’, which the whole FOIL, FOSA and IMC/NRI-SAHI gang endorsed, they condemned Indian-Americans for helping the New York firefighters’ families bereaved in the 9/11 attack. They cited that as ‘evidence’ of anti-Muslim sentiment! Does this blighted gang deserve to be judged on THEIR standards of ‘evidence’, or of ours?

Buried in the news on Sep. 28, 2003 was the end of another Indian family’s dreams and lives:

A group of four militants came to the house of one Sain Hussain around 10.30 pm (IST) yesterday. One of the militants forced his entry inside and opened indiscriminate fire on the family killing four people on the spot and injuring another. The dead have been identified as three brothers—Khadim Hussain, Munir Hussain, Mohammad Hussain—and a twoyear- old child Saddam Hussain. In the past too, terrorists have killed infants when they believe they were targeting police informers.

In other words, these brave Indian Muslims died because they dared to do their duty as citizens of India. And two-year-old Saddam died—why did he die, O ‘Kashmir researchers’? How many ‘bullet points’ on that ISI-approved powerpoint presentation did his little life buy?

13. Reason for Hope
Perhaps, the IMC netas, being old enough, will understand without further explanation why many Indians view their activities with utter disgust. It has nothing to do with ‘Indian Muslims’ vs ‘Indian Hindus’—I wish I could begin to imagine half the bravery of people like Abdul Hamid and Sain Hussain. Perhaps the official spotlight on the Lashkar-e-Toiba, CAIR, CIIE, SIMI, the American Muslim Council (AMC) and the Khalistan airline terrorism trial in Canada, may induce some introspection. On the wisdom, if not the morality, of being sycophantic mouthpieces for the prime murderers of Indian Muslims—the Pakistani terrorist groups, their dictator and his army. A good start would be to cleanse the leadership ranks of the Pinocchios who blame the community for their own well-deserved notoriety, and the would-be Attas playing with paintball guns—and consider if an outfit called ‘IMC-USA’ as opposed to just ‘IC-USA’ is relevant to 21st century America. At least get spokespersons possessed of better standards—get the organisation out of their sewer dalliances with habitual liars and terrorists. In the interests of Truth in Advertising, they could consider changing their name to PMC-USA—though my sense is that the namak-haraam won’t find much respect there either. I hope the FBI does not prove me wrong about the absence of IMC/ L-e-T links—but don’t take my word for it. Do monitor http://

As for FOIL, FOSA, their South Asia and Religion and Ethics Faculty, the Khalistanis and such other losers, they are easy to understand as a ‘Hateware Consultants for Hire’ service. As Charles Bronson said in ‘Telefon’: ‘Everyone should do what they do best.’


  1. Stars in a state of decay. Respectively, one whose gravity and substance is too low to hold itself together, and hence gets bloated,and one which is collapsing under its own excessive (but spent) weight as its nuclear fires go out, but is too small to re-ignite.
  4. Majid Farida, “A Deception Named ‘The Need for Introspection’ ”,
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