The response (in both India and America) to the first edition of this book has been so gratifying that we are encouraged to bring out a second - and expanded - edition. A new chapter, exposing AID, has been added, as well as a number of new appendices that include a Manderweb update and Shri Narendra Modi’s speech at the book release function. What is especially noteworthy is the near-total absence of refutation of even a single datum by any of those named in the book. Sandeep Pandey essayed a denial, but its falsehood being promptly exposed by us, only his guilty silence remains.* We stand vindicated in the case we have made against anti-nation activists.

As we stated in the earlier Foreword, what provoked the compilation of this book was the US State Department denying the democratically-elected Gujarat chief minister a visa to visit the US. This only instigated us into doing something sooner, which we were even otherwise planning to do. The instigation was provided by Nirmala Deshpande and Admiral Ramdas who came to Chennai in 2000 with an entourage of 150 members from Pakistan. This was within months after the Kargil War. Abdul Ghani Lone was there, the Dalai Lama was there, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq was there, Nirmala Deshpande, Admiral Ramdas, General Karamat Ali from Pakistan and a 150-strong delegation were there. And a group which pretended to call itself ‘The Voice of Jammu and Kashmir’, which was nothing more than a small delegation of Kashmiri Sunni

Muslims. And they sat around for a whole day deciding the fate of Jammu and Kashmir. But before that, Nirmala Deshpande asked some of the women present there, and Vigil’s Radha Rajan was one of them, to tie rakhis to our dear brothers from across the border - quite forgetting that our dear brothers from across the the border had tortured Saurav Kalia for 21 days, mutilated his body and then sent it back.

Radha Rajan then decided she’d get to know Nirmala Deshpande and Admiral Ramdas and their kind much better, and the kind of industry of which they are a part. Radha had the pleasure of listening to Arundhati Roy soon after Pokharan 2, when Roy said she is a mobile independent republic. Roy also said she is not a flag-waving patriot. But we are sure, since Roy has a passport, it must have something to do with the Indian nation. So, the Indian nation is relevant at least to the extent that it allows these people to travel abroad to badmouth this country.

The position of these activists in regard to national territory, the opinions they express in regard to Jammu and Kashmir, the kind of nonsense they speak on American and Pakistani soil about our jawans, is a cause of grave concern, because they are members of either the National Integration Council or of CABE or of the National Advisory Council of the UPA government. And they are not above glorifying terrorism. Mahasweta Devi, Sandeep Pandey, Nirmala Deshpande, among others, were present at a function to honour the ‘slain martyrs’ in the Naxal Maoist cause, whom we would call Maoist terrorists dealt with by the State, to honour whom these illustrious activists gathered in Patna.

They have no faith in our elected parliament, they have no faith in our judiciary, they have no faith in the NHRC. They go to the US State Department to depose before it, begging the US State Department to come to India and protect India’s democracy. It is high time legislation is put in place banning such people from deposing before alien governments against the Indian army and India’s democratic institutions. Very little is generally known about the kind of position these people take on American soil against the Indian nation, or what Sandeep Pandey’s position is on Jammu and Kashmir, or what Akhila Raman has to say about our army.

We have our jawans dying day in and day out protecting this territory, protecting our right to live. Why is it that the media does not do an expose of these people, on what they have stated about Jammu and Kashmir, what they have stated about Naxal terrorism, what they have stated about India’s defence requirement, what they have stated about the Indian army? What is the opinion that they have about India’s democratic institutions? Every major issue concerning national security, every issue concerning national interest, they reduce to the politics of minoritysm.

Arundhati Roy, for example, speaks for effect. She puts words cleverly together. And, mindless that we are, we are so fascinated by the English she speaks that we fail to subject the contents to critical scrutiny. In fact, she has run down everything that is sacred or reverent to large sections of India’s people. We have documented, word for word, what they have said, and the kind of patrons they have found abroad. Why do the European Parliament and the US State Department support these activists? We need to look at these questions and we need to have the courage to look at the answers. At our book release function on Sept 9, 2006, Shri KPS Gill noted his surprise ‘that the anti-nationals in our country are respected, and nationalists are derided ……These days our country is fighting terrorism. But our so-called intellectuals have made efforts unparalleled in the history of the world to decry and deny our success in fighting terrorism’.

We have placed before our readers, word for word, what they have written, what they have said, and the kind of positions they have taken. Our request is, have the courage to look at the book dispassionately. We realize many will think that these are illustrious people who find international patronage, so one cannot say a wrong word about them. But we have had the courage to expose them. Our request is that you go through the book, look at it dispassionately and, if you see merit in it, use the information, if you want to.

Finally, our sincere thanks to Shri Dina Nath Mishra and the India First Foundation and to Shri Chetanya Kasyap for sponsoring the book release function, to Sarvashri Balbir Punj, B Raman, George Fernandes, Narendra Modi and KPS Gill for speaking on that occasion, to Sushri Jyoti Wazir for transcribing/translating material for this edition, to the distributors Aditya Prakashan and to Narula Printers for their ready cooperation, to our numerous wellwishers and supporters who continue publicly to encourage us, and to the many moles in the bureaucracy who privately congratulated us for telling it as it is!

March 2007
Vigil Public Opinion Forum