Ex-CJI’s son-in-law in wealth amassment row

January 04, 2011
PNS | Kochi
Source: http://www.dailypioneer.com

Even as former Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan is struggling hard to explain his position on the controversial letter related to the A Raja affair, his son-in-law PV Sreenijin, a lawyer and former Youth Congress vice-president of Kerala, is embroiled in a row regarding alleged amassment of wealth beyond his means in a short span of time.

Sreenijin, who had no wealth worth mentioning in 2006 according to his own declaration, has become a crorepati in four years if the assets bought by his family are any indication, reports a Malayalam television channel. However, the IT Department knows only about his income as a lawyer in the Kerala High Court, the report says.

Sreenijin, husband of KB Sony, daughter of Justice KG Balakrishnan and a lawyer by herself, had in his affidavit submitted to the Election Commission as Congress candidate in Njarakkal Assembly constituency in 2006, said that he owned no landed property and that all he had were Rs 25,000 in cash and three sovereigns of gold valued at Rs 18,000.

As per the affidavit, his wife Sony had 29 cents of land valued at Rs 3 lakh and 20 sovereigns of gold valued at above Rs 120,000, However, the returns filed with the IT Department in 2009 showed Sreenijin’s income as Rs 25 lakh and that of his wife as Rs 15 lakh and the only income source shown was the profession of law, says the report..

The former CJI’s son-in-law, who had no assets worth mentioning in 2006, had bought an office suite in a high-value building complex the heart of Kochi city the following year in his wife’s name, according to the channel. However, the report said that the deal was grossly undervalued as per the registration documents.

Sreenijin is presently developing a river-side tourist resort at Annamanada in Thrissur district on a 2.5-acre land he had reportedly bought in 2008 in his own name. The land is reportedly valued at Rs 14 lakh as per registration records but local people in Annamanada say that the land prices there were around Rs 2.5 lakh a cent which means that the property Sreenijin could have paid more than Rs 6 crore for that.

These are not the only lands that Sreenijin owns by himself or through his relatives including wife Sony but they have several lands and buildings in their names in the most valuable addresses of Kochi city, says the channel report. Sreenijin had last year bought 30 cents of land in his wife’s name at Elamakkara, where the land price is said to be above Rs 10 lakh a cent.

He had reportedly bought another piece of land adjacent to this in his mother’s name this year and the work for a huge bungalow was going on.