Details of Chief Justice’s assets unavailable: court

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The Karnataka High Court on Thursday said the statement of assets and liabilities of Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran and family from 2005 till date are not available with it.

The Information Officer of the High Court, Mulgund, made this statement when information was sought from him by a city-based advocate about the assets of Justice Dinakaran and his family.


M.K. Vijaya Kumar had filed an application before Mr. Mulund on October 9, 2009, under the Right to Information Act, seeking details of Justice Dinakaran’s assets.

In response to the application, the Information Officer stated: "I am to inform you that the statement of assets and liabilities are not available."

In 2008

Moreover, the Karnataka High Court had in 2008 held that assets and liabilities of officers of public authority do not come under the definition of "information" under Section 2 of the Right to Information Act.

Therefore, you are not entitled to it, the response said.