Villagers register complaint against P.D. Dinakaran

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: A section of the people of Kaverirajapuram village in Tiruvallur district on Wednesday registered a complaint with the police, accusing Karnataka Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran of removing the fences that had been erected around stretches of government land in an attempt to destroy evidence that the lands were in his possession.

The complaint was entered in the community service register maintained by the police to register local disputes, bring parties together for inquiry and possible settlement. The procedure is followed not under the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), but on police instructions. The complaint was registered at Kanakamma Chathiram police station.

The 66 villagers alleged that Mr. Dinakaran had occupied 600 acres of land in their village, classified as anatheenam, poramboke and grazing land. "He has fenced the area and cattle cannot enter the land. Now the fences are being removed by one Jaisudha, who is working in the High Court. He has been staying here for the last 10 days and removing the evidence," V.M. Raman, one of the complainants, said.

"Over 200 men are staying in the estate and we are facing danger now," one of the complainants said. They sought police protection. A copy of the complaint has been sent to the District Collector and the Superintendent of Police.

Meanwhile, 11 villagers submitted a memorandum to District Collector V. Palanikumar, claiming ownership of a portion of land identified as "encroached by a third party." They produced documents to the district administration to support their claim.

In the memorandum, they said a major portion of the encroached land was owned by their families and the land had been classified as anatheenam since they had not paid the cess. They urged the government not to entertain pleas to distribute the land under the ‘2 acres land scheme’ to others as they were ready to remit the land cess and other pending charges.