Trump's Indonesian Allies in Bed With ISIS-Backed FPI Militia

By Allen Nairn and Prof. Peter Dale Scott Source: Global Research

With an introduction by Peter Dale Scott

The following important essay, by the respected and reliable journalist Allan Nairn, reports what Indonesian generals and others have told him of an army-backed movement to overthrow Indonesia’s civilian-led moderate constitutional government. Its thesis is alarming: that “Associates of Donald Trump in Indonesia have joined army officers and a vigilante street movement linked to ISIS in a campaign that ultimately aims to oust the country’s president… Joko Widodo (known more commonly as Jokowi).”

U.S, Germany Slam India for New Funding Norms


NGOs must abide by India’s laws, Attorney-General Mukul Rohatgi told the UN’s Human Rights Council at Geneva, as the government faced a tough “peer review” by other countries at the Council. The Council members on Thursday recommended a revision in India’s Foreign Contribution Regulatory Act (FCRA), a repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, decriminalisation of homosexuality and the inclusion of marital rape in Indian laws on sexual violence.

The Zonkey of Hybrid Warfare

By Lt. General P.C.Katoch
May 3, 2017

Of the many pearls of wisdom aired by Manohar Parrikar as Defence Minister, one was that military’s respect had diminished “for one reason that for 40-50 years, we have not fought a war”. Obviously, he had no inkling of the hybrid war India is continuously fighting past several decades, intensifying now with the China-Pakistan anti-India nexus, and that all global powers are waging hybrid wars in furthering their national interests. But then for some, understanding of hybrid may perhaps be limited to the ‘zonkey’ – the cross between a zebra and a donkey.

How Do You Break the Mind of an Elephant?

By Suvasini Ramaswamy
Source: The Wire

Elephants are not domesticated creatures, and the ones we see that appear to have been domesticated have actually had their body and will broken by a gruesome capture and subsequent training processes.

India Buffalo Meat Facts

By Dr. Jatinder K Bajaj
Center for Policy Studies, Chennai

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Five inconvenient truths about an over-Islamised Valley

By Rahul Panditha

“They found five litres of semen inside Neelofar’s body while conducting her postmortem.” The boy who says this is about 16 and lives in Kulgam in South Kashmir. He says he was told this at a ‘conference’ in his village recently. The teenager is convinced of this ludicrous claim about Neelofar Jan, one of the two women found dead in a rivulet in Shopian in South Kashmir in May 2009. After allegations of their rape and subsequent murder by security forces spread thick and fast that summer, there was widespread unrest in the state. In the din raised by the separatist machinery, the truth did not seem to matter at all. The probability of the two women having drowned was rejected. It did not matter that from 1995 to 2008, ten other people had drowned in the same rivulet (from 2010 to 13, three more did). It did not matter that on orders of the then Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, a police officer tried to make a horse cross the rivulet from the same spot, but was unable to: the animal was too afraid to try. It did not matter that an independent team of doctors from Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) performed a second autopsy on the two bodies and ruled out rape, establishing their death as asphyxia as a result of ante-mortem drowning. Later, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed achargesheet against six Kashmiri doctors and others, including the brother of one of the deceased, for fabricating evidence. One of the doctors, the CBI found, had fudged the vaginal swab samples to falsely show that the women were raped.


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